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Application Web Hosting

We started offering and supporting mission critical applications on Day 1 of our hosting operation and have evolved to achieve the high level of application hosting services that we offer today. Our emphasis comes from our roots as a consulting and software development firm. Using the included Control Panels, and other means, customers can install hundreds of applications. Standing on years' of experience in application server hosting services, we are able to take application Hosting management to a complete new level. Our effort is to develop efficiencies, streamline overall functions and accelerate overall revenue growth.

Key features of our services are:

  • Support in deploying and developing applications quickly and cost-effectively to meet business requirements.
  • Assistance in business performance acceleration with cost saving across the application lifecycle.
  • Expert sales and administration team assistance in developing hosting components such as processors, disk space, bandwidth and backup.
  • High-performance application server hosting environments, accessible 24x7, backed by a 99.5% service level guarantee in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

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